List Of EZGO Golf Cart CVT Drive Belts For Basic To Severe Duty Clutch And What Fits

EZGO CVT drive belts cheap

If you are looking to replace your EZGO Golf Cart CVT drive belt here is a list of cheap and high quality ones for different models that will fit Gas TXT, Medalist, Marathon,PDS, RXV and more.

It is not necessary to remove the engine or to remove the clutch to install new drive belt on E-Z-Go golf cart. Just squeeze the top and bottom parts of the CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE TRANSMISSION drive belt together and it will spread the pulleys apart enough to remove the belt.

Stens 265-779 Oem Spec Belt Replaces E-Z-Go 26414-G01 –

Length: 35-inch; width: 1/2-inch
Application: starter generator
Type: raw edge

Stens 265-343 Oem Spec Belt Replaces E-Z-Go 72054-G01

Length: 41 3/4-inch; width: 1 1/8-inch
Application: drive
Type: cogged

Stock E-Z-GO 27077G02 Drive Belt – 3PG & 4-Cycle

1991-1996 E-Z-GO Gas Vehicles with a 3PG Engine, 2 & 4-Cycle Marathon, PC4X/PC4GX/PC4GXI, XI300/XI500/XI804 and 804 Industrial Vehicles
Enables the operation of many vehicle accessories, including the alternator
Measures approximately: 1-3/16-Inch X 40-3/4-Inch O.D.

Stock E-Z-GO 72054G01 CVT Drive Belt

Used on all 1994-current E-Z-GO 4-Cycle Vehicles, and is ideal for 4-Cycle vehicles with continuously variable transmissions
This belt will not fit RXV models
Measures: 1-1/8-Inch X 42-Inch OD

Stock E-Z-GO 72328G01 Severe Duty CVT Drive Belt

Used on E-Z-GO 4-Cycle golf cars and utility vehicles that operate in high altitudes, carry heavy loads and perform substantial
duties on a daily basis.
Designed for use on E-Z-GO 4-cycle vehicles that perform labor-intensive duties
This belt cannot be used on E-Z-GO ST 480 or 4×4 Utility Vehicles.

Please read through each description to make sure to get the correct EZGO drive belt for your gas powered golf cart. Other parts and accessories for your E-Z-Go cart can be found here.