What is the Wheel Bolt Pattern for Golf Cart EZGO, Club Car or Yamaha and Can I Install Car Wheels

golf cart car tires and wheels

Ever wonder about if you can install automotive type car wheels and tires on your EZGO, Club Car or Yamaha golf cart. Well yes you can, as long as you use the correct axle stud bolt pattern to upgrade.

golf cart lug pattern

Most golf carts use the standard 4 bolt wheel pattern that has 4 bolt on 4 inch centers. This is true on most EZGO golf carts, Club Cars And Yamaha carts except a very few new models which have a 5 bolt pattern such as the limousine carts.

Many people will install 4 on 100mm size car automotive wheels which are easier to find. The fit is close enough to go on the lugs of your golf cart but don’t line up just right. I makes the wheels harder to get centered and can cause a bit of up and down but is hardly noticeable at slower speeds. The big issue is a higher chance of your lug nuts loosening so keep a close eye on that if using 4 on 100mm wheels.

When buying big wheels for your golf cart consider the extra clearance you will need. Big wheels will require a lift kit and wheel spacers to get the wheel offset far out enough to clear the brakes.

Specs: Golf Cart lug pattern, 4 on 4″, or 4 on 101.6mm. Ezgo & Club Car use 1/2″-20 studs, Yamaha uses metric thread studs.

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