My Gas Golf Cart Will Not Start – Problems To Look For On EZGO or Club Car

Gas Golf Cart Will Not Start

With a gas golf cart that won’t start you should first make sure to use the choke button to ensure that there is gas going to the system. Almost always use the choke if the cart has been sitting for a while.

More things that you can look at to get the gas cart started:

Check spark plug condition – possibly fouled or flooded?
Look to see if spark plug wires are corroded or loose
Any loose connections to ignition coil or rev limiter
Ignition coil may be bad
Low cylinder compression
Possible water or dirt in the fuel system or carb
Blocked or dirty fuel filter
Plugged up exhaust system
Carburetor needs adjustment
Starter belt may be slipping – will not turn over engine

4 thoughts on “My Gas Golf Cart Will Not Start – Problems To Look For On EZGO or Club Car

  1. 2006 EZ GO Gas cart runs gets hot stops. Will not turn over until cools off. New battery, new plugs, new coil, new solenoid, new gas filter. Put jumper on will start but with voltage meter on it runs about 11 volts, pull the jump off voltage drops to 7 volts eventually killing battery. Could it be voltage regulator, Generator, or igniter bad

    Bruno: My guess is a bad Ignitor over heating. That happen a lot. If you know the coil is good my first guess would be the ignitor.

  2. 1991 club car will not start, have fuel and spark any ideas?

    Bruno: These are a very basic combustion engine. I would have to be there to give you a better idea. If you don’t have a local golf cart repair shop nearby you can even take it to a lawnmower repairman and they can usually get one started for you.

  3. I have a 2006 Ez go 480 st with a 16 hp Briggs forgot to check the fuel and ran out of gas. Filled tank and won’t start found no fuel to carb. Replaced fuel pump and still no fuel to carb. Spark is good
    Blew through lines seems to have no restrictions

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