How to Video For Installing EZGO PDS Speed Chip Personality Plug Demo

Install EZGO Personality Plug Speed Chip

E-Z-GO Personality Plugs / Speed Chips allow you to change the driving characteristics of your golf cart by giving you additional speed or torque. By installing a personality plug in your golf cart you can add performance to the style of driving you enjoy most. Your golf cart must have a PDS Controller for it to be compatible with the personality plugs.

There are 3 different personality plugs for the EZGO PDS Carts.

The most popular is the Freedom / Speed Plug

The second most popular is the Yellow Mild Hill Plug

The third most popular PDS plug is the Blue Steep Hill Plug

To install EZGO PDS Chip Personality Plug follow these steps:
1 Flip the “run – tow” switch to tow.
2 remove the cover from the controller.
3 plug in the jumper chip of your choice.
4 reinstall the controller cover.
5 Flip the “run – tow” switch back to run.

In order to find out what mode it changed to you must toggle the forward/reverse switch from NEUTRAL TO REVERSE 5 times.
Within a few seconds after the 5th toggle (beep) you will hear one of the following beep amounts.
1 beep for all-terrain 13.5 mph
2 beeps for steep hill 13.5 mph
3 beeps for mild hill 14.5 mph
4 beeps for freedom 19 mph
You must then flip the “run – tow” switch back to tow then to run to escape the diagnostic mode. You are now ready to ride in new cart setting.