How To Test Solenoid On EZGO Golf Cart

pds-solenoid-ezgo how to test Do you think the Solenoid is the reason that your EZGO golf cart won’t move. Well here is the way to test for a bad cart Solenoid.

Start with disconnecting the negative battery cable from the battery.
Remove all leads from the solenoid terminal studs. There is no need to remove the solenoid from the frame.
Connect an ohmmeter, calibrated on the Rx1 scale, to the two large terminal studs next to each other. The ohmmeter should indicate no continuity if there are only two large terminal stubs due to the fact that no power is running through it. Replace the solenoid if any other reading is noted.
NOTE If the solenoid has four large terminal stubs, one pair will have continuity and the other pair will not. When energized, the readings will be reversed.
Using jumper cables, attach the correct battery voltage 6 volt solenoid needs 6 volts applied, 36 volt solenoid needs 36 volts supplied to the two small solenoid studs, polarity is not important. You should hear a click as the solenoid engages, and the ohmmeter should indicate continuity on the two large terminals. This is because the solenoid is a high-amperage switch that when energized shows a closed circuit. Replace the solenoid if any other reading is noted.

When finished, replace all the leads and connect the negative battery cable last.

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