How to Find HARLEY DAVIDSON / Columbia Golf Cart Serial Number and Year

HARLEY DAVIDSON  Columbia Golf Cart Serial Number
HARLEY DAVIDSON Columbia Golf Cart Serial Number

Your golf cart/car vehicle identification number is located on a metal tag above the left rear tire (driver’s side) on the rear frame cross brace on most older models. Others Harley carts Serial Numbers will be found behind the batteries in the battery bank cavity.

During 1963 through 1982 Harley Davidson put their serial number on a metal plate located above the driver’s side rear tire on the rear frame cross brace. Some electric models will have the plate located behind the batteries.

Golf carts was made in the ’60s, the first two numbers designate the year and the next letter(s) designate the model as in this example:


This VIN would indicate that the cart was made in ’65 and is a model “DC”

If your cart was made in the ’70s or ’80s, it will follow this format:


This VIN indicates it was made by Harley Davidson in ’75(H5) and is a model “D”(3B)


The letter H (made in the ’70s) or J (made in the ’80s) indicates the cart was manufactured by Harley Davidson

The letter C (made in the ’80s) or D (made in the ’90s) designates Columbia as the manufacture.

The last number indicates the year of the decade.


GAS MODELS ’63 to ’81

’82 to ’83

’84 to ’85


’77 to ’83

’76 to ’78

’79 to ’82

cart age

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  1. OK after reading your site I am going to ask you what I have its # is 3b15068h9 will you give me some info on motor year ext please

    Bruno: 1979 year built.

    Harley Tune Up Specifications:

    Point Gap for 1963 to 1981 = .022″-.024

    Point Gap for 1982 to 1985 = .015″-.016″

    Spark Plug Gap:

    1963 to 1970 = .040″

    1971 to 1981 = .025″

    1982 to 1985 = .040″

    1986 to 1989 = .025″

    1990 to 1995 = .035″

    1996 to 2004 = .030″

    Harley Davidson Engine Specifications for 1963 to 1981 two cycle engine:

    Cylinder to Piston Clearance = .006″ to .007″

    Piston Ring End Gap = .007″ -.017″

    Piston Diameter is approximately 2.739″

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Always bore cylinder with the piston on hand to insure a proper fit due to piston diameter inconsistencies.

    Torque Specs:
    Cylinder Head Bolts: 17-21 ft/lbs (2.4-3.0 kgm)

    Crankcase Bolts: 9-11 ft/lbs (1.3-1.5 kgm)

    Axle Nut, 1976 and older: 50 ft/lbs (7.0 kgm)

    Axle Nut, 1977 and newer: 100 ft/lbs (14 kgm)

    Oil Specs:
    Use 1.5 ounces of any good quality two stroke oil to one gallon of gas.

    Clutch on 1963 to 1981 uses 12 ounces of 75/90 wt. gear lube.

    Use 75/90 wt in the differential.

  2. I thank you for this site,Ijust picked up a AMF model 3 wheeler cart.would you be able to give me some info on it as the cart is conpleat.I would like to get it running again.The ser no# is 3B10949H8. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

    Bruno: It is a 1978.

  3. I Own 1973 AMF Harley Davidson 3 wheel golf cart, the previous owner rebuilt the upper end of the motor, head/pistons, rings etc. Motor runs GREAT! I’m having problems getting the Centrifugal Clutch on the prop shaft/drive shaft to engage (reduce it’s pulley diameter/engage) thus it won’t send the drive belt energy to the transmission pulley and consequently…golf cart no go!… :/
    The Clutch has the proper (90 W gear lube )
    Time to replace the centrifugal clutch assembly?
    ANY Useful, constructive advice is appreciated!
    Thanks in Advance!

  4. I just bought a Harley Davidson golf cart. not sure what year it is. The serial number is 8D 10417 J1. Any help would be great .thanks

    Bruno: Use this link to look at your battery configuration on bottom of page to see if you have a 70s or 80s. That will tell us if the (8d) part is 70s or 80s.

  5. I just pickup a 1968 harley davidson golf cart. I am looking for a manual. It’s set # is
    68DE6493. It has been sitting for a while before I bought it.

    Bruno: here you go. Link

  6. hio guys, just got amf-harley gas golf cart, 3-wheeled version, ser # on tha as follows 3B-13389H, was wondering what year that baby is and can ya still get parts for it, completely intact and motor has no compression, piston is moving and cylinder not scored, body is real nice-no cracks or battle scars.

    Bruno: you cart is between 1963-1983. Look at the image at the bottom of the post and check your solenoid layout on your cart to get a better idea. The image will tell you the year range by solenoid layout. You can order accurate parts by knowing the year range.

  7. # is 3B16730J2 ,What is year and model, Can somebody give me a estimate value on cart. Golf cart is in good condition
    Thanks for help

    Bruno: It is a 1982 year. I would have to see it to tell the model. Here is an owners repair manual. You can find parts for it here. If it is in good running shape they are usually worth between $400-$1000

  8. I have a 3B 18578 H1. Any ideas what year this is

    Bruno: We have to know your battery layout from the battery chart image in post.

  9. Hi Bruno,
    How many of the 3-wheel gas HD carts were built, and is there a breakdown by year?
    Thanks for the helpful info!

    Bruno: I have no idea but I did see over 1100 new in a dealers gated lot in the early 70’s.

  10. Hello Bruno,
    having a time deciphering the serial number of my 4 wheel harley cart.
    would like to find a manual for it.
    Thanks, Kevin

    Bruno: We have to know your battery layout from the image below to tell you.

  11. I have a Columbia golf cart. vin # is
    5K20807C7. Wondering what year it is and what model. Thanks

    Bruno: Can’t help without knowing the battery layout like in images above.

  12. Going through your chart I still can’t figure out my year so I can order some parts. Could you give me any information on my cart? Thank you. 3B 12195 C3

    Bruno: i need to know your battery layout like the lower image to help.

  13. I recently purchased a working 3 Wheel Harley AMF and it was great when it wasn’t just me working on it. I really have no clue about any mechanical stuff. Its had a once over and is in good working condition runs really well and has a few minor cosmetic fixes and accessories. I can not figure out what year it is and the Harley Shops said the vin number was off for them to help.

    Its vin number is 3B 13696 H2
    PATENT NO. 2,987,934
    PAT DES NO. 195,505
    PATENT NO. 3,229,792

    Any help is greatly appreciated and any interested please let me know.

    Thank you!

    Bruno: Bruno: I need to know your battery layout like the lower image to help.

  14. my golf cart has a serial no. 8c10521h3 can you help me figure out the year

    the wire diagram matches the year 72to75

    Bruno: 1973

  15. I just picked up a 4 wheel Harley Cart 2 Cycle Gas Serial Number 7C 10367 J1. near as I can tell it is a 1981 made by Harley and the 7C crosses to a D4. The cart is not running and I am in search of motor parts (Head, Cylinder, Piston, Rings and Gaskets). Would also like to find a shop manual and likely will be able to once I confirm what years I am looking for. I live in Canada so I am looking for shipping north of the boarder. Any help with info on this would be greatly appreciated. thank you

  16. Bruno,
    Great webpage!
    I just bought a 1981 model “D” serial number 3B11491J1. Previous owner said compression test wouldn’t hold pressure. Its oily around the crank shaft so I’m certain crank seal is gone. He also mentioned he pulled the head and found there was no head gasket between the head and cylinder, is this normal? I assume there should be a gasket. Prior to him doing this work he said it ran just had no power. Everything looks original. Plan is to pull the motor and replace the crank seal and likely get a gasket kit. Is there anything else you’d recommend or caution me as I’m not overly familiar with these units? I noticed you had a manual for an 1982, any chance you have for an 1981?
    Any help or feed back would be greatly appreciated!

    Bruno: Sorry, I have never worked on the Harley motors.

  17. Just picked up a 4 wheel Harley golf cart 5K 10227 J2 …. trying to figure out year, model, manual .

    Thanks for all your help

    Bruno: You need to supply the battery layout for me to help.

  18. I just bought a 73, 4 wheel electric it runs but acts as if it doesn’t get constant contact to make it move , the bateeries are brand new , any guidance on trouble shooting and fixing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  19. my Harley Davidson cart vin# is 5k 12884 c3 I believe its a 1983 could you tell me what is the length of the drive belt. thank you

    Bruno: Don’t know, sorry.

  20. I have a 1985 columbia golf car. It is 36 volt electric I replaced the batteries and everything worked fine for a bout 3 weeks. Now when the key is turned to forward or reverse it takes off with out pressing accelerator. Any Help? Speed control box? solenoid does snap when key is turned on. has 4 solenoids.

    Bruno: Probably throttle sensor.

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