Oil In Air Box Smoking EZGO Gas Golf Cart Problem Fix

ezgo oil in air box smoking
Are you finding oil in the air box of your EZGO gas golf cart? Is the E-Z-Go cart smoking more than usual? This should fix your problem.

If you find oil showing up in the air box on the 295cc and 350cc engines, it is most likely that your oil is overfilled.

If you have recently lifted your golf cart the angle of the engine has changed. The new tilt of the motor is enough that the oil level indicated as “FULL” on the dipstick will give a wrong reading.

To fix the smoking issue, drain the oil and then refill it with 1.5 quarts. That amount gets the oil to a proper level for the engine to stay lubed and keeps it below the case breather. After filling oil to new correct amount, scratch a line on the dipstick and that will be your new “FULL” mark. This fix is only suited for lifted golf carts.

If your golf cart has oil in the air box and has not been lifted the problem may be from driving the cart in extreme angles. Going up or down very steep hills. If that is the case you may solve the problem by just wiping the air box clean of oil with a rag or paper towels.

Please be careful when changing oil levels to make sure your cart is getting to proper lubrication. Any modification from stock should be done at your own risk.

If you air filter has become wet from the extra oil coming into the air box you can find replacement filters here at a fair price.