How Many Volts Should A 36 Volt EZGO Battery Pack Be When Charged

How Many Volts Should A 36 Volt EZGO Battery Pack Charged
What should the total voltage be on a fully charged EZ-Go golf cart battery pack? Well, a 36 volt battery bank is measured two ways to get the full charge reading for your EZGO golf cart.

You can take a multimeter and set it to measure voltage. Take a measurement from the positive of the first battery in the bank and the negative in the last battery (as seen in image above). When still connected to the charger the voltage needs to reach 44 volts to be considered fully charged.

To get the correct measurement for a normal resting full charge you need to let the batteries sit for twelve hours. Then test with the multimeter the same way and you should get a reading of 38.22 volts.

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If you want to always see the voltage of your EZGO in real time you can add a cheap voltmeter to you dash. This will let you know how much battery voltage you have left in the pack. It will act as somewhat of a gas gauge letting you know how much you have left in the battery tank.