Try Not To Kill Yourself When Upgrading Predator 420 Golf Cart

Upgrading Predator 420 Golf Cart Crash
If you want to upgrade your EZGO or Club Car golf cart with a Predator 420 Harbor Freight motor be safe. This garage mechanic was setting up his golf cart with a new motor when he had this issue.

The Predator 420 Harbor Freight motor makes for a good replacement when your original motor blows up. I have see it done many times with great results.

The issue this Tuber (Robert Auguste) had was with a wrong size clutch. When he fired up the engine the belt quickly grabbed tight on the undersized pulley and took off out of the driveway and across the street. He was very lucky not to have smashed his legs between the golf cart and his BMW parked in the driveway.

This was a simple mistake that most anyone could have made. But, he could have hurt or killed himself. I think he posted the video as a public service reminder to take a few more precautions when working on the golf cart.

The whole near death experience was caught on his Ring home security system.