How to never forget to unplug your golf cart battery charger before you pull away

golf cart crash
If you have an after market battery charger that you use on your EZGO, Club Car, or Yamaha golf cart it may not disable your cart from moving when plugged in. This could be a big problem if you jump into your cart for a quick getaway and drag your charger down the street behind you.

Some of the new aftermarket chargers like the great working $100 GolfForLess for EZGO or Club Car are so small you can leave it stored under your seat. This can lead to you forgetting about the cart still being on charge and drive off. That can do all sorts of damage to the cart and possible the outlet it was plugged into or much more.

If you just thread your charging cable or extension cord through your steering wheel you will never forget about the charger. It is very had to miss that cord between your hands when you grab the wheel and go to pull away.